What UpViral Marketing Can Do for Your Business

by: leonie@divacentral.com.au
| 5 January 2019

Whether you are a business owner or an online marketer, there are a lot of marketing tactics that you can utilise. Your primary goals are to generate traffic and convert qualified leads. With the strict competition today, using the same old strategies may not work as effectively since your competitors are working the same thing. This is why viral marketing is worth trying; especially with how consumers think nowadays.

Viral marketing is not just an alternative for traffic generation tools. It is a brilliant marketing solution. Upviral marketing is a feature-rich, powerful email optin and popup tool that allows you to automatically display professional looking popups on our websites, blogs and ecommerce sites to gather email addresses from your site visitors, and build your email list.

What UpViral Marketing can do for your business

Everybody who wants to generate qualified traffic and do not want to spend a lot would benefit from UpViral. Whether you are an internet marketer, a PPC or Facebook marketer, mom and pop’s business owner, online merchant or anyone who wants to generate qualified traffic, buying this software is worth the cost. Because…

  • It provides a vast library of professional-looking templates that help you quickly get started. You can customize every aspect of your popup such as its color, font, style, position, etc.
  • It also provides an exit intent technology which automatically detects when visitors are about to leave your site, and displays persuasive popups to stop them from leaving.
  • It also allows you to A/B test different variations of your popup on your site visitors to determine which one is the best converting version.
  • It also allows you to easily create viral campaigns and do referral marketing.

Upviral Marketing is suitable for blogs, SMBs and large enterprises.

Upviral Marketing Benefits

Here are the key benefits of Upviral:

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Get more sign ups
  • Get more subscribers
  • Improve marketing ROI

Dashboard – With a user-friendly dashboard, you can manage your campaigns and stay on top of everything.

Email Automation – The email automation is fully customizable, and you can send time triggered emails based on leads’ actions, add social media buttons into emails, send multiple email triggers, automate alert emails and set up follow up emails for repeated sharing.

Referral Link System – The referral link system is fully customizable where you can use a point based system, generate unique referral links, manage points rewarded per action and setup extra incentives for sharing.

Upviral Benefits

Rewards System – With a highly customizable rewards system, it is up to you on how you want to reward your users based on their actions.

Contest Promotions Setup – You can easily setup how winners are selected and when and how they will be notified and rewarded. Managing multiple contests, on the other hand, is easy with a schedule function.

Social Sharing Features – Have total control on how people share their links and how posts look like. Also to increase referral tracking, you can make use of FB newsfeed optimization.

Mobile Optimized – Let’s face it, more and more people are using mobile devices, and if your site or page is not mobile device responsive, leads may just go away.

Metrics and Analytical Tools – Enjoy the automated security and auto fraud detection. With metrics and analytical tools, you can track the performance of all of your campaigns and view the activities of your leads and referrers.

UpViral marketing has other useful features like easy data export, a custom domain for referral links, support and up-training, multilingual and campaign cloning.


Upviral is a feature-rich email optin and popup software that makes it easy to convert more visitors into leads, subscribers and customers.

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