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Diva Marketing Solutions

Over the last thirteen (13) years, Leonie Hunt has owned and operated Diva Marketing Solutions.

For 11 years, the Diva team were based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Diva Marketing Solutions has worked with several small businesses in South Australia, helping them grow with a blend of online “digital” marketing and offline “traditional” marketing strategies.

The company is now based in Jamestown, South Australia.

With the wonders of modern technology, we can provide our expertise to the mid-north region of South Australia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Our sales and customer service team comprises talented individuals passionate about bringing cost-effective, practical, leading-edge solutions to small business communities.

Our digital marketing team, i.e. the technical team, comprises experts who are highly skilled in every aspect of online marketing.

Our approach is “hands-on”, and we readily share our knowledge and experience with our clients.

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Leonie Hunt – Marketing Specialist

As a bit of background … with over 30 years of experience in strategic senior management and operational roles, my initiative and results have been the foundation of my business success.

I have a great track record of developing and implementing highly successful marketing and sales strategies tailored to each of my clients and the desired business outcomes.

However, I often look beyond the marketing sphere and bring the benefit of my broad business experience to recommend improvement in their business operations and processes.

I have a solid sales background – achieving 12 world sales awards in six years, with an international leadership organisation and have a passion for personal and professional development – for myself and others.

As a dedicated, loyal and hard-working individual, I believe that FUN is essential for happiness and success in all aspects of your life and yes, this includes business.

Volunteer and Charity Work

Jamestown Development Association Incorporated [JDA]

Leonie is the President of the Jamestown Development Association.

The Jamestown Development Association (JDA) is deeply committed to ensuring the sustainable growth and prosperity of Jamestown and its surrounding districts. Rooted in a vision to maintain Jamestown as a thriving regional centre, JDA endeavours to enhance the quality of life for residents, facilitate economic progress, and elevate the visitor experience.

Variety, the Children’s Charity

Leonie is a strong supporter of Variety SA, the Children’s Charity.

She has served on the Board and personally participated in 15 SA Variety Bashes in the last 25 years.

She is proud to have been able to contribute over $250,000 via fundraising activities in that period.

For the last six (6) years, Leonie has served on the Variety in Action Committee. This committee organises movie days, activities and large parties for children aged 5 – 16 in South Australia, with funding from Variety, the Children’s Charity. She has recently resigned from this committee due to the carer and work commitments in Jamestown.

She is still an active volunteer with Variety with like-minded people who come together and give their time, expertise and love in helping to bring a smile to the face of South Australia’s kids in need.


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We are a diverse global team with a wide range of skills.

Leonie Hunt

Leonie Hunt

The Chief

Customer Liaison, Marketing Specialist, Website Project Management & Developer, Graphic Design

Rhea Mae Ricalde

Rhea Mae Ricalde

The Assistant

Virtua Assistant, Social Media & Content Creator, Graphic Design

Yogesh Chaturvedi

Yogesh Chaturvedi

The Online Guru

Website Developer, SEO & PPC Consultant, Online Performance Tracking & Measurement

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