What Online CRM can do for your Business?

by: leonie@divacentral.com.au
| 9 January 2020

Do you know the name, contact data, and purchase history of every single one of your customers? If the answer to that question is “no,” you need an online CRM for small business and don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many small and local businesses rely on paper records, clunky software, or their own memory to store customer records.

Big businesses and online companies, on the other hand, know every single one of their clients. And not just who they are, but almost everything about them. Gathering, analyzing, and utilizing customer data is a foundation of big business today. That is the reason why CRM is now the largest software market, with revenues approaching $40 billion.

This might leave you asking, “What can CRM do for my business?”

Let’s start by looking closer at what CRM actually does.

What is online crm and what does it do?

CRM represents customer relationship management, a term that should be familiar to even the most technophobic of entrepreneurs. After all, building and managing good customer relationships is what small businesses are known for. In a way, CRM software was built to help online companies recreate the personal touch customers expect from Main Street.

Keeping customers happy takes knowing and reacting to their personal wants and needs. For large businesses with hundreds of thousands of customers across the world, this takes gathering and storing a lot of information.

That’s where customer relationship management comes in. Big businesses and online companies use highly complex and expensive cloud-based CRM platforms to store and manage their customers’ personal information. This includes everything from contact information, purchase history, communication history, personal preferences, and a lot more. That information can then be used to send automated emails, help with customer support issues, and a whole lot more.

Do I need an online CRM for small business?

The answer is an unequivocal “YES.” No matter the size or situation of your business, using the right customer relationship management platform can save you time and grow your business. The key is to find a platform built specifically for businesses like yours.

What Online CRM can do for your Business?

What can online customer relationship management do for my small business?

Customer relationship management can help small businesses the same ways they have helped big business increase revenue by 41%. It just takes finding a right CRM platform built to address the needs and situations for your business.

CRM software makes it easy for you to manage all your critical customer information in one place. A CRM gives you visibility over every interaction you and your staff have with clients and gives you a single source of your client’s history.

Staff turnover is less of an issue when you have an integrated CRM system. Why? Customer contacts and information are no longer tied to your sales team but stored centrally. A CRM application can be easily accessible to everyone. And if you have staff that are frequently on the road, a CRM can be extremely useful. It allows them to easily access any information they need about a client on the fly. They can also update details via their laptop or smartphone and the changes are reflected instantly back at your office.

Use CRM to know every customer, not just your regulars.
Knowing your customers’ first names and preferences often begins and ends with your most regular patrons. Keeping track of one-time visitors and infrequent customers is a nearly impossible task.

We can consider an online CRM as good if it updates buyer records from the moment they complete a transaction. That way you know all of your customers, from first-time customers as well as your regulars. Also should automatically append contact information to a customer’s record whenever they complete a transaction. That way, you can focus on building good customer experiences instead of repeatedly asking for email addresses and phone numbers.

In a world where social media is King and customer reviews are the currency that can make or break a business, delivering exceptional customer service is becoming mandatory.

Capturing customer responses and mitigating negative reviews is easier too if you have the right tools in place. A CRM can integrate with social listening tools to monitor for brand mentions and help you respond faster to negative and positive feedback and we have that in Engagebay using Social suite. It provides you with the technology you need to engage with today’s always-connected customer.

Use Engagebay CRM to supercharge your small business marketing strategy.

  • Sort customers by whose new, who’s loyal, who spends the most, and more.
  • Send personalized marketing messages and offers to drive repeat visits.
  • Collect customer feedback by text or email to increase customer loyalty.

We hope that the answer to the question “Does my small business need CRM?” is now abundantly clear. You need to know all customers, get their contact information, and easily utilize your customer data. Your small business needs CRM, but CRM not made to solve big business problems.

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