What is WebinarJam and it’s Benefits?

by: leonie@divacentral.com.au
| 12 December 2019

The word “webinar” originally came from a “web seminar.” It’s essentially just a seminar or workshop held over the Internet, and it can be a presentation, discussion, demonstration, or other instructional sessions. Webinars can either be free or paid. Webinars are sometimes called webcasts, online training, online events, seminars, or online classes.

Adding Webinars to Your Marketing or Teaching is an incredibly persuasive way to deliver a sales pitch if you want to use them for sales and a webinar is a great tool for delivering content when you’re teaching or coaching, too.

Webinars are a powerful tool in any business arsenal – and hosting your own event is a
smart business development strategy. Webinars develop authority and trust it allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, skills, products, and services.

Webinars create business relationships – The benefit of speaking to a group of potential prospects through a webinar are it allows your prospects to get to know you on a much deeper level than what could possibly get accomplished in a 30-second commercial at a networking event. 

Webinars allow you to easily promote your business – especially when you are delivering high quality
content during the webinar and not simply using it as a sales pitch presentation.


The new WebinarJam is the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public.
Unmatched flexibility coupled with high tech precision offered at a value yet to be equaled.

WebinarJam Increase sales and attendance with the only webinar system that produces a complete live stream event from registration to replay. WebinarJam has more features, no downloads, and is the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public. Trusted by over 35,000 online business professionals.

This is how WebinarJam help business to connect more customers with some cool features

Jam Session

WebinarJam Jam Session

Invite up to 6 co-presenters. Stream in glorious, High Definition. Flexible, dynamic layout control optimizes your display. Go solo, invite a partner, and even host a roundtable of experts to share their knowledge.

Active Chat

Not an afterthought, or a bolt-on low-fidelity feature, WebinarJam Chat is fully controllable communication.

Maximize Engagement

Let your audience have a voice, too! Invite any of your webinar attendees to join you in the presentation at any time. Wielding nothing but your mouse and a sense of purpose

Be Everywhere Send your signal. Introducing WebinarJam Live.

Go where your audience is. Only WebinarJam’s Flexible WebinarJam Live Broadcast Engine allows you to stream directly to your thousands of attendees in all the popular places: YouTube Live not to mention our Own, Private, and Secure Network. No matter which virtual arena you choose, the experience is essentially identical. You decide the signal path, and you decide the destination. Your audience is everywhere. Now, you are too.

Breaking News? Need to be On-Air NOW?

Introducing Express Jam

6 Clicks. 30 Seconds. You’re Life.

Setting Up a Webinar with ExpressJam not only gets you broadcasting as fast as possible, but it also uses your customizable Smart Preferences to ensure that your Webinar operates exactly according to your needs.

Show Everything to Your Customer

Face to Face. Picture in Picture. A Slide Show. A Mind Map or Whiteboard. A Software Demonstration. A Powerpoint, Keynote, or Prezi. A Wirecast, Blackmagic, or Tricaster feed. Polls, Surveys, Pre-Recorded Videos.

Present Like A Pro. PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF. Your Choice

With WebinarJam, you can simply import your presentation file and run it to your audience seamlessly in High Definition. Easily scroll forwards or backward through your presentation with a variety of exciting slide animations. With our Slides in the Cloud feature, your audience will enjoy crystal clear readability.

Transact Every Time

To inspire the most transactions, the most sales, the most conversions, you need the best tools

When it’s time for you to make your offer, you want your audience to take Instant Action. That action needs to be simple, and nothing is more simple.

Integrate with Everyone

WebinarJam’s extensive communication abilities are not just limited to its own ecosystem. We’ve reliably and, in many cases, extensively integrated its communications platform with premier 3rd party CRM, Email, and Shopping Cart applications. WebinarJam can send specific behavior tagging information so you can perform your own follow-up work on the platform you’re most comfortable with.

“New” Your own custom confirmation page

This feature is available for both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Upon registration, you can choose to redirect your users to one of our default Thank You page templates, or alternatively to your own custom URL.

Activate the confirmation email notification

If you opt not to include any custom parameters in your Thank You page, you certainly want to activate the confirmation email at the Notifications step. The reason for that is to make sure the user receives his unique link to the webinar room, as well as a reminder of the event’s date and time.

One of the WebinarJam Review I found and posted.

WebinarJam is the easiest, most affordable and strongest
webinar tool, particularly for entrepreneurs who want to use webinars to engage
and sell to customers.

“WebinarJam simplifies all of the setup and running of webinars so we can just focus on the content and delivery. It integrates with all of our tracking and mailing list systems [and] makes it super easy to prepare sales webinars with pre-defined ‘buy buttons’ etc.”

“The quality of webinars is really good. Being able to pick which platform you wish to replay videos on is a nice feature, and I like how when I select YouTube that it automatically goes over and shows up on YouTube.”

“There are too many pros to list the software. Its feature-rich and works as described. What is most valuable to me is the support provided. Customer support continues to be a magnificent gift.”

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