Tips to Generate More Revenue in Your Email Promotions

| 31 December 2019

Are you thinking of any possibility of how to generate more revenue from email promotions you sent out to your list? Obviously, certain types of emails are more effective than others when it comes to generating sales. But which are the ones that work?

It sure makes sense to stay on top of email marketing stats nowadays. When you know which trends are getting results, you can implement them into your own campaigns. Cue the ringing of the cash register.

First things first, you need to make a plan based on what you hope to accomplish. Emails aimed at lead nurturing need to be handled differently than emails used to increase engagement and conversions.

When planning your email promotions strategy, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you sending your emails to?
  • What is the reason for sending your emails?
  • What types of emails will you send?
  • What do you want the emails to look like?
  • How often will you send the emails?

After deciding, follow these email promotions tactics to make your campaign a success.

Interesting Tips:

It’s not enough to send out just one email saying there’s a special promotion going on, and that’s it. People don’t react to just one email.

They have to see your offer numerous times and fully realize how useful it is for them. Before you get them to buy anything, you have to prove you have what it takes… that’s by showing authority, social evidence, and many more.

First Part of Email Promotions  

Make them aware, add in some situation studies to prove that it actually works, social proof and statements from customers who love the product and a lot more.

On the Final Day of the Promotion

Send out an email that the offer is closing down, letting everyone know that this is their last chance to get it. We use scarcity to imply a sense of urgency.

Guess Which Email Generated the Most Revenue?

This “scarcity” email promotion, we have found that by far, the most revenue comes from that final email. Another thing we found interesting was what we got out of sending out multiple closing-day emails.

Instead of just sending out one email for final day promotion, we made the effort to send out twice, one in the morning, saying:

“Hey, today’s going to be the last day, so if you want to get access to this limited special offer, you have to decide today.”

After that, we’d send out a final email in the evening to let our audience know, “this is it”. That final email after sending out the scarcity email in the morning generated so much more revenue – it’s insane.

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Here’s an example of what emails typically sound like. You can use this as inspiration in your own emails.

“Hey, its Adam here, sending you one final email about [the special offer], because it comes down in a few hours, so this is your final chance to gain access. Once the timer hits zero, there’s no going back. You can still get it here. You can thank me later, talk soon, Adam.”

The emails are simple, straight to-the-point, and not long in the slightest. This makes sure that they know that whatever you had going on in the last few days is coming to a close.

It initiates urgency in people who have been putting off getting the special offer.

They’ve seen…

  • That the product actually works
  • What makes the offer amazing
  • Statements of people who love the product

After you convince them that the product is great, give them that little extra push, taking them from “Am I going to take action now or later?” to “I gotta get this before it’s gone!”

Try it! You don’t even have to change your price to do this tactics. Maybe take the chance to add a special bonus to your product that people wouldn’t usually get otherwise, making it a limited-time special offer!

Final Words Whenever you do your own email promotions, send out this email. Use scarcity to your advantage, and you will see results.

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