The Most Common SEO Mistakes and Why You Should Always Avoid Them

| 5 March 2019

As a savvy digital marketer who holds SEO with the utmost esteem, one of the gravest common SEO mistakes you can ever do is to mess with it. Yes, the consequences can be dire, especially when you hope to garner a great deal of traffic to your website!

Of course, many of us can don’t make SEO mistakes intentionally, it is hard to keep up with “best practises” so mistakes are often made unknowingly.  Search engine optimisation is dynamic and should be top of your agendas, so you can correct any issues and move on. It is not easy to maintain peak performance as search engine algorithms change on a regular basis. Yes it can be extremely frustrating!

The Most Common SEO Mistakes and Why You Should Always Avoid Them

With that said, there are common SEO mistakes that are just avoidable

They include:

  • Wrong Keywords

Search Engine Optimisation is founded on optimising the right keywords throughout the site. But even when you are doing it right, problems may be born out of the way you define your products. Essentially, generic keywords are extremely competitive, so it is unlikely you will be found on these.  Long-tail keywords, however, do solve this issue, use such tools as Google AdWords, Google Trends, KeywordPlanner, SEMrush and Moz Keyword Explorer to research long-tail keywords.

  • Keyword Stuffing

In the post, using as many keywords as possible on a single page can work, however it can make the post unreadable from a “human” perspective. Using the “keyword stuffing” strategy hurts the page’s overall rank as search engines’ algorithms view it as unnatural and useless for its intended audience. Google’s Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) seemingly uncovers these mistakes in an intelligent way. To stay away from this common SEO mistake, simply strive to use fewer keywords, naturally. Basically, use each keyword once, twice or maximum three times throughout the text.

  • Publishing Plagiarised Content

Perhaps the severest of them all, publishing unoriginal content can leave an expensive loss. It is a typical mistake highly discouraged by search engines. So, instead of chucking off content from an already existing page or maybe spinning them, do hire someone to write your content from scratch.

  • Skipping Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

Optimisation doesn’t end with just submitting keyword-rich content. You must also publish Meta tags and Meta descriptions because as search engine crawlers skim through your site, they’ll majorly focus on what’s captured at these two points. Besides, search bots do focus on these tags.

  • Missing Quality Links

As for the external or outbound links to your site, it is their quality more than quantity that matters big time. Quality explains such factors as relevance if they are from top-ranking sources and reputable websites. Typical “Click here” anchor texts can be an absolute waste because search engines often consider them as spammy.

  • Failing to invest in Mobile-friendly experience

Statistics show that mobile-friendly websites tend to rank better because search engines favour the overall experience they offer. Along with that, focus on the responsiveness of your site and how long it takes to load. On matters speed, tools like Pingdom and GT Metrix offer invaluable help. Other common SEO mistakes commonly committed by modern-day digital marketers using SEO include excess internal links, creating content centred on the keywords only and ignoring the power of analytics altogether. If you would love to increase organic traffic to your website, start by rectifying these petty and costly errors.

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