Social Media Strategy You Won’t Want to Miss

| 29 January 2018

If you have no social media strategy and no system – then you should forget about using that network platform for your business.

With the correct social media strategy and the right approach, social network can be a powerful & effective tool. Why social media for your business? Because you want to build an audience of customers and clients!

Your Ultimate media platform goal – Get customers and clients off Social Media and into your database!

Let’s be realistic, you have no control over what happens in social web. They could be here today and gone tomorrow (remember Myspace?) or You could accidentally get yourself banned and then what happens to all that information and hard work?


Get your clients off Social Media and into your email database because that is your own and you can control it. Your Database is the mechanism to get more customers, get repeat business and make more money. Leads, opt-ins and downloads translate into meeting requests, appointments, walk-ins, bookings and sales!

Social Media Strategy

Your Social Media Strategy

There is really only 3 Steps to think about – Build Your Audience

  1. Build the RIGHT Audience: Quality vs Quantity
  2. On the RIGHT Channel: Where your audience hangs out.
  3. Use the MAIN Channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Manage Your Audience

Create and post …Delegate and Automate – you need to post frequently to be effective
Listen and respond …Use Email alerts (in once a day) and Auto-responders (out)
Reach out and connect …VA’s, Auto-responders and … Discipline!
Systems and Automation Tools = Freedom

Monetise your Audience

Get them OFF Social Media and into your database …

Don’t expect to “sell” right off the bat … most of media platform connections don’t know you or know little about you

Don’t frustrate your Audience … build credibility and build a relationship

To use a sales funnel or not?

There are varied opinions around whether to use sales funnels or not.

It really does depend on what type of business you have and where your target market resides.  If you are looking to attract locals, or if you are located in metro or regional areas, then it probably is overkill to launch a full on sales funnel – a relationship funnel is probably a better use of this tool.

However – if you wish to go national or global – there may be a reason to use the Sales Funnel.  These people don’t know you and you need to provide a “path” to build trust and rapport.

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