Social Media Marketing – Mistakes You Need to Avoid

| 10 December 2019

Social media marketing is completely new, but vital part online marketing that has taken off in the last few years. It is not only a platform that hosts a conversation with friends, family and old acquaintances; it has also become a central hub of information for personal and professional use.

Most people have a general idea how social media works; however, few have a comprehensive understanding of the type of mistakes that you can make. I wrote this article to give you the six mistakes you need to avoid.

This article will give you information of some Social Media Marketing mistakes that you need to avoid.

1.    Ignoring Data – Analytics

Having a goal and understanding what you are doing on social network is one thing, but keeping track of everything you are doing is equally essential. Every click, new follower, like, article read and comment should be followed for your benefit. Find out the best means to monitor and use that data so you can stay competitive. Again, you will be in a position to know what strategies you are working on.

2.    Not Understanding Your Platform

You have to figure out what type of social network fits your business. If you have limited time, it can be frustrating trying to keep up with every new social platform on the post. Use the platforms your audience is most active on to avoid time-wasting as well as have clear aims and a solid content plan for each platform.

3.    Too Much Involvement

Good promotion entails advertising to the right crowd and at the right time without pushing the buttons off. Be keen would you still have respect for the product advertised if the same commercial was on the broadcast the last second. Be original and have the adequate timing to avoid annoying your customers. These are against social media marketing rules.

4.    Failing to Post

Posting regularly or once per week typically isn’t enough to stay in their minds of your audience so that you will be their primary source in their time of need. Regularly provide them with content that meets their needs and interests rather than bombarding them with non-benefit driven promotions.

5.    Lack of Creativity

Competition with social media marketing is fierce and to survive; you must go beyond the norm and innovate or risk becoming obsolete. Be creative and grab your clients’ attention through shock, encouraging and even giving them presents. Give them an opportunity to ask the right questions, shock them and even surprise them with something unique.

6.    Putting Them on Hold

Not responding to audience inquiries is a huge mistake. The reason is quite apparent as the response is an essential customer service expectation. If a client calls for your place of business with an inquiry, you know their tolerance for being put on hold is very little. Do not put your followers on hold, be proactive in attending to your social media client inquiries both online and offline your page to make a connection with your audiences.

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