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| 6 February 2020

SEO for business, or Search Engine Optimisation is the ability for you to get found in the search engines when people are looking for you.

There used to be lots of “black magic” and tricks to SEO but Google has stopped all of this and basically has said the key to being found on-line is to create fresh, unique and relevant content for your website and you will be fine.

Content Creation

Content creation is the key to being found on-line! And as a restaurant, you have amazing content and imagery to share.

The chefs are serving up tantalising dishes, atmosphere is your middle name and candid shots and “selfies” from patrons all contribute to creating a digital persona to drive customers to your door.

Although Social Media is critical to your on-line success, it is extremely important to “build your business on your own real estate” ie your website – not the “rented land” of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social platforms.

Social platforms make it easy for people to find out about you, and then you should direct them to your website to check out the latest about your menus, upcoming events, latest news etc.

seo for business

What are some of the common methods used to get traffic to your website?

  1. Advertising
    Paid advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business, but it can become expensive quickly if you aren’t careful.
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
    As mentioned above, content creation is the key and use keywords specific to your restaurant, cuisine and area.
  3. Social Media
    Optimising your social content and profiles will ensure that what you want to be found for people are searching for – these words are found in your profile.
  4. Blogs
    This can include your latest specials, promotions, news about your venue, staff, upcoming events, profile of previous events, testimonials – in fact anything that would be of interest to your potential customers
  5. Content
    Not just on your website – reach out to other sites as well.  Think about what other sites are relevant to your business in your local area.

5 tips for better Social SEO for Business

  1. Optimise all your About Sections on ALL platforms
  2. Optimise your Content on Social – use your Restaurant’s name in your posts at least once a week with your keywords, so Google starts to associate your name with the keywords / content that people are looking for
  3. Build links by making your content shareable (Social Sharing Buttons on your website)
  4. Sign up for Google + and spend 10 minutes a day on it! – Can put as many links to other sites / social to be found eg Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Make sure people can find you easily
  5. Create a Google + Listing and keep your information up to date – Google index this all the time

Facebook SEO

Here are a few tips about Facebook – Google will index your Facebook About info in the search results, so make it relevant:

  1. Make sure your Bio / About Page have keywords that clearly define what you are about
  2. Include your Physical Address, Contact Number, Opening Hours and Website Address
  3. Share your Basic Info – In the Products Section showcase your restaurant with your main dishes
  4. Make sure your choose your category and sub category – Local Businesses, Restaurant/Cafe

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