Offline Marketing Strategy to Supplement Your Digital Advertising

| 5 December 2019

Ever since the remarkable paradigm shift in conventional and the rise of digital promoting, offline advertising has enjoying little acceptance. Of course, the phenomenon has eclipsed the traditionally popular and hugely revered offline marketing with the blossoming powered by technological shifts. But even in the midst of this occurrence, companies that choose to integrate online and offline marketing activities seemingly maximise their profitability ratios.

But despite the shift, offline marketing is pretty much alive. From sidewalk ads, branded giveaways, banner ads, trade shows and other forms of offline marketing strategy, it is clear the practice can perfectly supplement an existing online marketing campaign. Besides, the method favours B2B firms that do not come into contact with their audiences quite often.

offline marketing strategy

Offline Marketing Strategy to Practice

With that said, here are five online advertising strategies and techniques to help your brand reap the benefits of offline marketing.

  • Networking

One-on-one connections still play a vital role in driving traffic to your website. In fact, brand loyalty is created and fortified when you put a face to the name known by the public. A simple approach to networking and thus enhancing the popularity of your brand may involve a good, old fashioned interaction at a local meeting. Anything that can leave a different and lasting impact as a way of networking is welcome.

  • Use Business Cards

Being the easiest and cheapest route, Business cards ought to be your alpha and omega. Business cards to your friends, relatives, and neighbours or when pinned to public bulletin boards, slipped into relevant books and magazines, can do a huge deal of advertising at no huge cost. It just has to be tiny enough to show your relevant details and well designed so that your targets don’t miss the point.

  • Attend and participate in Trade
    Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions are a large assembly of curious persons. However, as they move around, sampling businesses, you will be doing the same, perhaps studying your competitors, checking out how they’re doing their marketing and such. Of course, it could be an excellent opportunity to get contacts from ardent clients and maybe build relationships from there.

  • Sponsor an event

Being a sponsor is yet another terrific offline marketing strategy not known by many. Instead of using cash to print T-shirts and caps, go right ahead and sponsor an event. With a non-profit organisation, you can take the lead and offer branded giveaways, coupons, discount cards and other prizes. In the end, the participants will remember your name.

  • Guerilla Marketing

It is a form of branding yourself at a physical space and in a manner that can surprise and even delight existing and potential customers. Guerilla marketing is quite broad and ranges from issuing branded pens, water bottles and foodstuff to using printed posters and pamphlets. Cold-calling potential customers works, pretty much like erecting a giant billboard with creative writings. Again, you may use local dailies by pitching a press release. The list is virtually endless, but as long as you define what you need and stick to it, results will inevitably start trickling down. Offline marketing strategy works, and that’s a fact!

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