Marketing Tips and Hacks for Creating Terrific Sales Emails That Get Opened

| 20 October 2017

So you’ve done your homework, located the best digital marketing software for email marketing and sat down to create that “juicy” email.  You are putting all of your creative genii to work to ensure you are creating a sales email that is going to hit the mark and get opened.

Yes, all that time and effort, you’ve meticulously polished each sentence, word by word, racked your brain to ensure you get the best subject line. Everything is looking super-clear, and you sit down and press send – off it goes, it is Published!


You check the stats and can’t believe what you see – not even close to you expected. The Open Rate is not great and the Click-throughs are even worse. So you ask yourself

“Where did I go wrong? What did I do to get it so wrong?”

Well – you probably only made one mistake and honestly, it isn’t that hard to fix and it won’t even cost a cent to get people to open and read your email.  So relax!

Creating Terrific Sales Emails That Get Opened

How to Create Sales Emails That Get Opened

One extremely obvious but often overlooked error is that we tend to write the email as if we’re addressing a huge crowd. Nooo big mistake, if you would love more click-throughs, consider behaving more as a friend. Tone down that corporate look and be personable. A conversational, respectful voice seemingly works like a charm.

So what should you do!!! Well here are some practical email marketing tips.
  • Write as if you’re talking to them – the one person that you know very well.
  • Don’t waste time with needless jargon – speak in their language.
  • Be useful – get straight to the point!
  • Your “From” part ought to be your name or a name your audience will recognise.
  • Don’t be creepy or the sleazy salesperson; be trustworthy and honest with your intentions.
  • Reward them – use a useful tip to inspire or look forward to hearing from you again.

Tips to Get Those Emails Opened

Nearly everyone has an email address now. The big issue for your business is how to get noticed amongst the masses of emails that people receive. To ensure your emails don’t end up drowned out in overflowing inboxes somewhere, start with the following tactics to ensure you are creating sales emails that get opened.

About the Subject Line – make it attractive!

Use power words because emotional words attract attention and create your message to have instant impact and attraction amongst the thousands.
  • Use a number – you’ll appear unique.
  • Pique or spur curiosity – bizarre, but calm subject lines sell!
  • Simple, intelligent alternatives work wonders too.
  • Be adventurous and walk the less followed path – experiment with what no one else has ever done!
  • Above all, know your audience and what resonates with them.

Writing Superb, Compelling Emails

After a killer subject line, don’t kill the tempo with a cheap, lacklustre email. To ensure you maintain the allure, do the following:
  • Enthusiasm comes with writing fast, so write fast.
  • Keep it short and concise. Edit with rigour and don’t publish a massive wall of text!
  • Imagine you know the recipients – write freely and where possible, ask questions.
  • Do not automate your greetings. A good example is “Greetings from my little dog!”
  • Use “You” as often as possible – it persuades.
  • Don’t publish dull emails – joke a bit.
  • Add love and your own unique personality!

What No One Will Tell You

Every email marketer struggles, at least once. However, you should be honoured someone gave you their email. So, never take anyone’s attention for granted. Prove your value and write as if the recipient is a friend you know. Above all, don’t bombard them with countless emails on a single week. One or two are optimal! This information will definitely help you create sales emails that get opened for your campaign.

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