Looking To Attract More Traffic to Your Website? Here’s What You Need

by: leonie@divacentral.com.au
| 21 November 2019
Perhaps the greatest challenge of being an up-and-coming ECommerce store owners, drop-shipper and blogger is a lack of steady and converting traffic. Shooting straight from zero visitors to having a thousand or more of them for a definite period may sound like a far-fetched idea. But it works, especially when you know the caveats around cracking it to attract more traffic to your website.

The truth is, there is a whole world of “Google-friendly” and pretty straightforward ways of attracting new customers to a website. Many of them adhere to the rules and principles of sales and marketing. However, even when they aren’t hard to discern, many have portrayed the various ways of gaining visitors as overly convoluted and complex. But for simplicity or to avoid bombarding you with unnecessary information, follow the following canons.

Ways to Attract More Traffic to your Website

Attract More Traffic to Your Website


Savvy marketers choose to pay for visitors. Paid search, social media advertising and display ads are pretty excellent in attracting traffic. However, you should pay for visitors when you know the essence and how you can convert them. Again, target profitable and low-competition keywords for your paid search strategies so that the amount of traffic rises.


If you are solemn about attracting visitors, start to blog today. Blogging is arguably the best way of attract more traffic to your website. Blogging is cheaper than paid search and serves as an evergreen way of attracting visitors.

Use Social Media

The whole idea of getting as much traffic as possible is to be proactive. Social media is the in-thing today, and through an effective social media marketing strategy, you can earn a lot of traffic. Twitter comes in handy when you’ve short, snappy and tempting links, while Facebook and Instagram hugely favor B2C companies.

Pay attention to on-page SEO

SEO optimizing your content for search engines works like magic and helps attract more traffic to your website. Besides posting Keyword-rich content, check the images and craft internal links to new content. Again, pay attention to Meta descriptions because they also have an enormous significance.

Buy Traffic

Whether it is through Yahoo Search Marketing or MIVA, these two sites guarantee traffic through their PPC offers. The best thing about buying traffic through PPC is, the many Pay per Click websites work pretty much like auctions and no one forces you to choose a keyword. Again, with the right keyword choices made, you get cheap, instant and qualified traffic.

Guest Blog

It is a 2-way technique whereby besides posting content to other websites, those who post on your site share and add links to their blogs. In the end, you’ll benefits, pretty much as they’ll do.

Try Email Marketing

Businesses are focused on getting a new customer, and one of the most effective ways to do
that is via email marketing. It is an intricate technique that can only work when done correctly.

Offer Irresistible Content for Priceless Publicity

Another easy and undervalued way of earning free traffic is giving away useful content to popular websites like Ezinearticles.com and freesticky.com. Two or three stellar articles can generate tons of traffic so long as they don’t have any sales pitches. Quora.com also come in handy, but more often in a different way. To get traffic from these sites, however, just write a short bio about yourself as well as your business with a link to the website.

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