How to Explode Your Online Presence using a Press Release

| 19 September 2019

Whether you own your business or are starting a new one, using a Press Release should be an important part of your standard marketing strategy.

As a small business, you may be thinking it is not for you, and PR is only used at the “big end of town”.

This is no longer the case.  You don’t need to have a major event to publish a press release.  In fact for online authority and SEO purposes, you can really write about anything if you can make it “newsworthy”.

Press Release

What is a Press Release?

A Press Release is a high-value content piece designed to generate authentic reads and clicks and enhance your businesses online visibility in a natural manner.

It can be an efficient and affordable way to self-promote.

Engaging, informative content is the key to success in what press releases are concerned.

First-hand newsworthy facts are mandatory, not optional.

 Here are 7 main benefits of a Press Release

  •  Instant exposure without the big spend – a Press Release is one of the most effective ways a small business can “spread the word” about themselves and what’s on offer. With distribution across the internet on high profile sites, your business gets instant exposure, garnering interest and giving your prospects a reason to land on your website and find out a little more about you.
  • Increased sales potential – Aside from bringing credibility and allowing you to stay in the public eye, press releases can also boost your profit margins, by highlighting the most remarkable key benefits of what you do.
  • Opportunity to brand yourself as an expert – An excellent PR campaign will offer you the chance to brand yourself as a high-authority business owner and underline the unique attributes of your business.
  • Increased SEO benefits – Press Releases published by several media outlets will offer you valuable back-links to your website. Moreover, by optimising your content, you could increase its visibility online and make your articles searchable on the Internet.
  • A relationship with journalists – Press Releases enable you to create stronger ties with journalists who are looking for a good story to share with their readers, done correctly, it can be a win-win.
  • Reputations And Trust – Press releases can not only be useful in the convincing terms but also in reputation. They can change the way an audience perceives your business and also creates feelings of empathy and trust if conveyed properly. Therefore, optimise your press releases and be prepared to receive a positive reputation perception from people.
  • Use your news to get more customers – With today’s online press releases, the media is no longer the only audience you’re writing for. 80 million people get their news online every day. Many of these people are your customers. So, you need to keep your buyers in mind when writing your press releases but ensure your don’t turn it into an advertisement. 


A strong concept, strong headline, and strong content are the reasons why some Press Releases get thousands of views and others get way less.  Although results differ across different PRs, you can dramatically increase your chances of publishing a PR that stands out and produces amazing results if you follow the tips below:

Consider Your Readers While Writing
Your PR is going to be read by lots of people, and you’re going to want them to click through to your site when they’re done and buy your products.  To make this happen, you have to get inside their heads and figure out what’s important to them, what’s likely to motivate them to visit your website, what they really want, and more. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want them to do after they’re done the reading (complete a survey, buy your eBook, etc. If you have this in mind before you start writing, you’ll be able to write in a way that will motivate them to take that specific action.

Try a Different and Interesting Angle
If you want your PR to attract lots of readers by virtue of being interesting, you have to make it very interesting by including things that spark interests.  If your product has a unique and unusual feature, include it. If the product comes from a famous city, include it. If there’s something unusual about you or your product or someone else related to the product, include it. Crazy ideas are perfectly normal and can even help you reach your goal faster, so don’t be afraid to include them.

Tie Into Hot Topics
Trends and hot topics are a good way to give yourself some leverage, so don’t hesitate to tie into those. Figure out a way to create a connection between hot topics in your niche and your press release and the results will amaze you.

Make Your Offer Enticing
Before your readers visit your site, they’re likely going to ask themselves “what’s in it for me?” Readers are more likely to take action when you give them a good reason to do that, which could be in the form of offering them something special or spicing up what you’re offering. Bear in mind that there’s little to no benefit in writing a PR that gets thousands of views if your readers don’t click through to your site and/or buy something.

Tweak Your Headline
Your headline is the most important part of your PR. More people are going to read your headline compared to your content. It’s the headline that convinces them that your PR is worth reading or gets them to read it, so you have to spend a lot of time tweaking it and making it compelling if you want lots of eyeballs on your PR.

Bonus Tip: Keep doing this. You may not get spectacular results from your first PR after applying the tips above, but if you keep at it, you’ll get better and better and your chances of writing a very successful PR will increase too.

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