10 Hacks to Grow Email Lists Quickly

by: leonie@divacentral.com.au
| 14 January 2020
Nowadays, email marketing is as popular as ever. We’ve learned how to personalise our emails, automate messages, use dynamic content, and optimise the design for smartphones. But in order to maximise your email marketing, you’ve got to keep growing an active list of engaged people to send to. After all, it’s common to lose 20% of your subscribers each year to attrition. So it’s important to have a great strategy to grow email lists quickly, not to mention the persistence to keep it up. Read on as we share actionable tips that every modern marketer/top most influential people use to grow their email list quickly.

Grow email lists quickly – What is growth hacking?

A growth hack is a proven, easy to implement, method of seeing growth with your business. For this article we’ll be diving into email list growth hacks, and how you can build that all important band of loyal subscribers. Usually, to try and grow their brand and business, people default to making content. Whether it’s a white paper, a blog post, or a video, content is a foundation of your online marketing strategy. But if you’re making great stuff and still aren’t inviting leads, it can be very depressing. The major thing you need to find out is what your customers need. If you know that, you’re already off to a great start. The fastest way is to just ask them. But, if you want to be tricky, you should check out the competition and see what topics are viral that getting lots of shares, then make your own twist on it. Hack 1: Optimise the home page The 1st homepage optimisation tip is, of course, to check what your website is about. This seems obvious, but your mission, the uniqueness of your website, should be reflected on your homepage. Your website home page is where you’re likely to get most of your traffic, and all sorts of things can point people there. Whether it’s social media posts, email campaigns, other sites, or native traffic, your homepage will be receiving visitors, and one thing lots of brands struggle with is keeping the messaging consistent. Example: Backlinko – Look if you can tell what they’re offering:
Getting more traffic. They have it in their headline, sub-headline and call to action. Having consistent messaging on your homepage increases the chances that someone will understand what you’re selling, and then click your offer. Hack 2: Linking to webinars in content Webinars are also a great way to bring in good leads, and there are many businesses that solely rely on them. The reason is they are wonderful tools because they are great at both providing value and engaging visitors. ReadyTalk found that 30-40% of webinar attendees are turned into leads. This means they’ve not only signed up, but expressed interest in something else, like a demo, or pricing info. WebinarJam Get your FREE trial now Having a landing page advertising your webinar is ok and a good place to begin with, but if you really want to see engagement, you should put a link to sign up for your content. If you keep your messaging consistent, the odds of someone wanting the learn more and sign up is going to be higher if they’re already reading an article of yours. You’ve already gained their trust and are just taking it to the next stage in the funnel. Content blogging establishes trust, and webinars help cement that relationship by providing continuous value. You’re showing them you want to give more without seeming like you’re out to make some cash from it. When you have trust, you can make endorsements on products. Example from Quality Matters
10 Hacks to Grow Email Lists Quickly
Hack 3 – Sign up easy with Google accounts
The reason this type of signup is possible because a lot of people have Google accounts. With over 59 million active users, and even more on Facebook (with an estimated 1.59 billion users) there is a high chance your leads will have one of these accounts. The best part is by implementing this type of sign up you will still get their info and can still send them emails – it’s just less work for you. Hack 4: Host a contest on Facebook Next hack is all about hosting contests on Facebook. As stated above, there are a lot of people using Facebook, so your potential audience is huge. People also love free stuff, so this is almost a no-brainer if you’re looking to pick up more leads. So what kind of contest should you hold? Copies of your ebook? A free prize for all new subscribers? A 30 days free service for your app or whatever it is, make sure you’re doing something that people will actually need. Hubspot says that the best length of contests are either 25 or 60 days long, and the best months to run them are June and November. UpViral is a great way to run competitions and also campaigns, sweepstakes and very useful for product launches.
Hack 5: Case studies The next hack is to put together a case study. They’re not just educational – they can be used for selling as well. Remember, once you have provided value and gained a visitors trust, you can then make recommendations on products. One example of how to easily create a case study is showing a before and after transformation. Here’s an example from Lead Pages:
Hack 6: Specialise & Separate This hack is probably the most important but is often overlooked. I have often said that to be successful, you’ll need to find a niche. John O’Sullivan, author of “is it wise to specialise” says that we’re always tempted to do more, but specialising in on our strengths is the only way to see real progress. But as your small business grows you’ll inevitably be wearing many hats, specifically sales and marketing. Though they may seem similar at first, these two hats should not be confused with one another. For growth hacking, you need to break up your sales team from lead generation. Or if you’re running a lean startup, you’ll need to actively change hats. Marketing and lead generation focuses on turning visitors into leads, who then opt-in and become subscribers. This is usually done by offering free content in exchange for a name and email. This is essential to growing your business, and the main goal is to provide value and earn trust. For any lean startup, focusing on bringing people in is essential. Hack 7: Master the headline Headlines are used everywhere when opening a small business. When creating your first website to email subjects or in ad campaigns, a compelling headline is essential to getting people’s attention long enough to engage with your post one of the key to grow email lists quickly. The key to powerful headlines is using strong verbs. Verbs are “action” words like increase, improve, nurture, focus, attack, etc… What these do in headlines is illicit interest, and convince someone to click your call to action button. Headlines not only help get clicks but can help with your search ranking by decreasing your bounce rate and increasing the time spent on a site, it will help to grow email list quickly. Ted Nicholas believes that 73% of buying decisions are made at the point of the headline, and he makes this obviously clear with on his homepage:
No matter your content (blog articles, ads, webinars, white papers) you need to focus on a great headline with consistent messaging. This is easier said than done, and though we like to get things out quickly, taking the time to ponder and research the best possible headline you can come up with will be worth it. Tips for writing headlines that convert:
Just look at the work from Brian Clark and the entire Copyblogger team:
Hack 8: Irresistible offer To create an irresistible offer, you need to sell what people want to buy, then make sure you’re marketing to the right people at the right time. A marketers goal is to get a series of “yes please” turning visitors into good leads, and leads into subscribers. From them clicking on your content or ad, to clicking to learn more, to clicking to signup, to clicking to give you their credit card number. Wow a lot of clicks, right! And if you slip up the last stage with your offer you could lose all the momentum you previously gained. You can use the following formula to make sure your offer is on point. High value offer + persuasion = irresistible Chris Guillebeau, a best-selling author and amazing entrepreneur, gave a great example of how to define an irresistible offer. “If your offer doesn’t compare to those, then it’s not irresistible.” Let’s take a look at some great offers out there right now with Blue Host.
$3.49 per month to a website? WOW, why not! Hack 9: Pay with a tweet Giving away good content for free is always a nice idea. Usually, this is done by getting the leads name and email address, but a great way to get exposure on another channel is by using Pay with a tweet. This tool is a great way to influence existing channels like Facebook and email to get attention on others, like Twitter. You might have an email list or a blog with a dedicated source of traffic. That’s great, and if you’re ready to start exploring other channels, Pay with a tweet allows you to easily make that jump to grow email lists quickly. Here’s how it works: Someone reads your article and wants to download the bonus you’re offering at the end. Instead of asking for their name and email address you can get them to tweet about it instead. Complicated, but this tool makes it very easy. You can even pre-write the tweet for them so all they really need to do is click. If they’ve already read your article, found it valuable, and want more info, then getting them to send a pre-written tweet isn’t much of a stretch. Here’s how it looks in action:
This functionality isn’t limited to Twitter. Depending on where your ideal customers hang out you can get them to pay with a Facebook post, LinkedIn post, or even Google+. Hack 10: Hello Bar You already understand that cleaning up your home page and getting your messaging consistent is key to receiving more leads, and a great free tool to make your call to action as clear as possible is the Hello Bar. What’s amazing about it is its simplicity. It grabs attention without being obnoxious and lets visitors know the one thing you want them to do. Unlike blog sidebars which can get unnecessarily cluttered with previous posts, multiple calls to action buttons, and a subscribe link, the Hello Bar offer this. Here’s how it looks:
You get space to have one concise sentence, and then have a call to action button. Using it is a breeze, and you don’t need any coding experience. It is easily installed in WordPress. The best part about it is that if you have regular traffic to your site, you can count on picking up new subscribers every day, without doing any extra work. That’s it! For most entrepreneurs, begin by choosing one or two of these hacks and seriously focusing on them. You don’t get anywhere in business by doing something half-assed, so give it the time it deserves and your endeavours are certain to pay off with more subscribers.

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