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The Best Mobile Apps to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

The Best Mobile Apps to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Mobile apps seem to get into any marketing conversation nowadays naturally. Of course, it isn’t a shocker as any marketer looking to maintain peak performance must have the tool for the trade. Again, the world of internet marketing has grown so tremendous that any mobile apps tailored for the fast-growing niche are welcome.

But even when an ardent digital marketer’s choice has dramatically evolved over the past few years, yesterday’s profitable strategies may have gone out of fashion today. It is a cut-throat competition and if you need to gain a competitive edge, do try using the best-proven marketing apps. If you are a social media marketer who needs an app that guarantees superb performance, just try your hand on the following best mobile apps.

Content Distribution – best mobile apps

Ensure your content gets to the intended parties at the right time. Use the following best mobile apps.

Buffer – lets you share content across multiple social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Basically, you schedule when to post your message, and once the time comes, this app does it automatically. iOS and Android apps available.

PixxFly – it is more than an essential social media marketing app. PixxFly is excellent for outbound marketing particularly because it automates the distribution and syndication of content across multiple channels. Its excellence is further bolstered by the analytics offered for each post.

Pagemodo – if you need compelling visual elements for your Facebook marketing campaign then this is the best mobile apps to download. It also works for Twitter and LinkedIn, and the post can be customised and scheduled for posting.

  • Social Media Management

Managing several social media accounts can be an uphill task, especially when the campaign requires analysing the analytics, keeping the conversations going and responding to messages. To make the assignment easier, use the following apps.

HootSuite – you not only manage several social media accounts, but also analyse traffic, track mentions, respond to messages and DMs and schedule when to post. You can download from Apple Store or Google Play store.

Sprout Social – for seamless management of your team’s profiles, including scheduling, publishing and analysing posts on the go, Sprout Social is what you truly need. Essentially, it works pretty much like HootSuite, only that everything takes place in a single window.

Another equally incredible social media marketing app is Tint. Simple as it is, the app helps create social hubs where you can engage audiences, besides pulling content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the commonly used social sites. The shot content may then be embedded onto blogs and websites.

For Social Listening

Every vibrant social media campaign technique doesn’t just dwell on churning out content and responding to tweets, DMs and comments. You also need to listen to the conversations, what’s trending and such. Some of the best apps for social listening include Buzzsumo, Mention and Cyfe. The list isn’t in any way the most comprehensive. However, even when you have others out there, these are probably the best for a start. Give them a shot today!

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